Anna Hazare–a myth to be unravelled

“The dream of India as a strong nation will not be realised without self-reliant, self-sufficient villages, and this can be achieved only through social commitment & involvement of the common man.”

I copied the above quotation from Anna Hazare’s website. You can

Mr Hazare leading the fight for the anticorruption movement from the front

recognize the truth of the aforementioned words only if you have ever been to any of the South-East Asian developing economies, where,  even after more than 60 years of independence from the British colonial rule,  the common man’s importance seems to be diminishing continuously.

So who is this Anna Hazare? If you haven’t come across this name at least a hundred times on the newspapers in the past few months you seriously do not belong to this world. Anna Hazare is a dream that has successfully united all the Indians against the pervasive notion of corruption and oppression. This is the man–social activist and visionary— behind whom all Indians–devoid of castes or creeds—- could  once again rally behind after the fight for independence in1957 for justice from the power-hungry corrupt politicians and greedy government-officers. This 71 year old man, through a series of hunger strikes, has successfully taught all Indians and also the rest of the world the very essence of patriotism that should be inherent inside every responsible citizen. Such was the aura generated by this white-clothed peace-loving follower of Mahatma Gandhi that even activists from the neighboring countries—which are also heavily afflicted by corruption and terrorism—could derive inspiration and fight more valiantly in their struggle for justice.

Now I am a very pragmatic young man. Whenever  something good occurs for too long I can sense something wrong behind it. Being quite pessimistic, initially I was apparently under the preconceived notion that Anna Hazare was simply another political pawn planted by the opposition in order to oust the dominating  Congressmen from the Parliament. And although the omnipresence of corruption in today’s world does not elude me,  at first I had thought that the charges brought against the six corrupt ministers were nothing but fabrications made deliberately to destroy the reputation of the Indian Government.

But it did not really take me long enough to understand that whatever might exchange behind everyone’s back an old man who goes through such extraordinary extents in order to fight for his people is an inspiration for every citizen in this world. I do not really care if the innocent-looking man is actually a part of some conspiracy, or has some particular motive behind his tireless efforts in his struggle against subjugation, because what has amazed me is the remarkable ability of this man in bringing together a nation of more than around 1 billion people on one stage and under one shelter to be guided by the same rays of hope and dreams of creating a much better world. Thus Anna Hazare is a legend not only for all Indians but also for millions of people across the world who are defenseless against the corrupt and irresponsible politicians whom they themselves have elected as part of the puppet show known as voting for your representatives in a democratic society . This man in white, a past soldier of the Indian Army, must be commended for showing us how even without wreaking havoc and destroying national property we can achieve our purposes from the Parliament through peaceful and patient methods. And thus, if he receives the Nobel Prize for Peace within the next few years I will not really be amazed. His methods of social activism will be followed by many upcoming generations