Meet the blogger

I am a geek blogging from Bangladesh in the city of Dhaka, one of the busiest and the most densely-populated cities in today’s world. While writing this I am a grade 12 student of the natural sciences and mathematics. My interests are extremely varied. Starting from global politics and economics to Arabic Literature, spiritualism and Kathakali stories I am interested  in a lot of things and you will get a feel of my diverse interests throughout my blogs. But apart from all that I believe I am a human being unlike most of the young people out there. I want to do some good to this world and do things the likes of which the world has never seen before. I want to breach out and explore my life and its philosophies to the fullest extent. I want to contribute actively towards a better society and I  believe if we all work together, the desired changes for this world will not take long in coming. Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to go through my blogs…….:)

16 comments on “Meet the blogger

  1. Hello Nakib, I would like to have a chat with you. I think that we have common interests! Please contact me down at my email when you have the time. I am from unab, and found you through a pingback!

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  3. Your blog is amazing and your English excellent… it’s the way you express yourself in words-really good!

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